in perfect symmetry;

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For whoever asked for this! |D

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I can’t believe Goofy called Ven a vegetable

at this point he’s not wrong…

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what if

X brands for current and former nort hosts

not sure where i like it best tho

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Anonymous said:
hey can you tag your kh stuff 'cause spoilers


Bitch Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2005

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Final Fantasy 13-2 was released in 2013

Final Fantasy 15 is projected to be released in 2015

So according to the trend I think I can solidly say that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released in 3000 mark your calendars

i have been to the year 3000 thousand not much has changed but THERE’S KINGDOM HEARTS 3

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Drew some Axel for Lee!

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au vanitas with freckles and cool hair

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