in perfect symmetry;

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ventus and vanitas are done!! maybe i’ll post the hearts quartet all seperately in one photoset if you guys wanted me to?? waa i really want to make them all charms;;

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The World Ends With You + text posts

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riku/xion doodle for roxion!
i haven’t drawn these two in a looong time ;;

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Kiss Art challenge: Roxas and Axel for 1. lol


1. on the forehead

YOU ARE THE WORST ASHTON but i did it anyway


im so sorry if the background looks really lazy i just cant draw the castle to save my life

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my favorite part of chain of memories is that the entire game is literally namine making a self-insert fanfic

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requested by

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theres characters i really like and then theres roxas

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if u wanna be my lover

u gotta buy me kingdom hearts

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