in perfect symmetry;

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there’s not enough venitas fanart

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Shelby does Akuroku month? Or something of the sort.

I’m making it my goal to upload a ton of new Akuroku drabbles throughout the month of August, but while I have some ideas for stories currently, I highly doubt I have enough to supply 31 days. It would be amazing if you guys could send in prompts or suggestions if you’d like to contribute; I would really appreciate the boost and inspiration!

Song lyrics, dialogue snippets and vague phrases are the best bets to get ideas flowing, but anything would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!

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What makes you so sure about that?! I have the right to know the truth! How did I even get here?! Why am I so special?! Where did I learn how to use the Keyblade?! I hardly know who I am! What is so wrong with wanting some answers?!

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akusai month, day 22, berserk mode: hair

isa laughing his ass off because he saw lea’s hair down for the first time ever

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fast doodlies because im rly bored

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kh doodleses..

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Kh fandom are you ok

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"I want Xion back! I want my life back!"
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"Forge the BOOTY- blade with me ventus"

- Booty-tas (via kingdombootys)

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